Reliable XRF- analyses, wherever you need them

With our mobile X-ray fluorescence analysers (XRF analysis), the lab is in your hand. You can use our X-ray guns in recycling, quality assurance, positive material inspection, precious metal assay, environment, criminalistics, archaeometry, RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances), chemistry, pharmaceuticals and many other fields of application. Watch our video of the fields of application.

X-ray fluorescence spectrometers give you:

  • elemental analyses in a matter of seconds
  • precise and reliable results
  • right there where you need them
  • even under the most adverse conditions

Choose from our wide range of offers:

  • the XL3-series – variable X-ray fluorescence analysers for the highest demands
  • the XL2-series – successful bestseller for a fast metallurgical assay
  • the FXL-series – portable XRF analyser labs for large sample quantities

Make an appointment for a demonstration and allow us to advise you!