FTIR 4300

Portable FTIR spectrometer for non-destructive material testing on-site

Mobile FTIR Spectrometer FTIR 4300

The FTIR 4300 is a modern and portable spectrometer. It combines robustness and outstanding ergonomics with low weight and very good analysis properties. The device has a weight of only about 2 kg and is ideal for the flexible use out of the lab. In addition, the powerful optics enables measurements of demanding samples. Different interfaces (Diffuse Reflectance, External Reflectance, Grazing Angle, Diamond ATR, Ge ATR) allow an easy change between different sample types like IR-absorbing and IR-scattering samples, reflective metal surfaces with coatings or powders, pellets, granules, soils and minerals. The easy handling and user-friendly MicroLab software guarantee trusted results for experts as well as for newbies.


  • Small and lightweight.
  • High-precision Mid-IR analysis.
  • No sample preparation necessary.
  • Developed for field use.
  • Batteries replaceable during operation.
  • Integrated CPU
  • USB Interface
  • Exchangeable, automatically recognized scanning interfaces.
  • Splash-proof, suitable for unfavourable weather conditions.

Areas of application

  • Investigation of the aging process of coatings and protective layers.
  • Contamination during the production of composite materials.
  • Rocks or mineral compositions.
  • Polymers
  • Archaeological and anthropological artefacts and artworks.
  • Food
Technical details
Principle of operation High-precision non-destructive mid-IR analysis, no sample preparation
Weight 1,88 kg (2,22 kg with batteries)
Size 100 mm x 190 mm x 350 mm
Spectral range DTGS 4500 cm-1 – 650 cm-1
Spectral resolution 4 cm-1 – 16 cm-1
Measurement optics    Diamond ATR, germanium ATR, external reflection, gloss angle and diffuse reflection
Measuring time automatically, in a few seconds
Display Colour LCD display
File formats SPC-File (for standard spectroscopy software), ASP-File (for ascii-Export)
Data transfer Data can be transferred via USB cable
Standardization CISPR11, Group 1, Class A
Transporting Rugged, waterproof plastic case
Operating temperature 0 °C bis +50 °C
- Heating-up time: 10 minutes
- Response time: 2 minutes
Batterie Lithium-ion battery, hot-swap capability of the batteries for extended use
Power supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power supply unit
Case Dust and splash-proof, stable plastic casing
Standardzubehör Reflection reference interface, external power supply, USB cable, carrying strap, charger for lithium ion batteries, carrying case

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