Handy IMS for the detection of hazardous substances

ChemProX - detects traces of chemical warfare agents and explosives
Small IMS ChemProX for CBRN teams: networked detection of hazardous chemicals

Detecting the smallest traces of hazardous chemicals directly on site is vital for emergency services. This is especially true in situations involving chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial chemicals.

In these difficult situations, it is also important to have a good overview of the overall situation. The following questions should be answered immediately: How is the hazardous material spreading? How close is the responder to the hazardous substance? What is the situation of the colleagues? To which hazardous substance class does the finding belong?

The false alarm rate must be as low as possible, because false alarms unsettle the population and emergency forces, cost money unnecessarily and create negative press.

Product Highlights

  • Extremely low false alarm rate.
  • Detection of CWAs and TICs in one measurement.
  • Communicates via radio, W-LAN and Bluetooth.
  • Integrated training mode.
  • Access via web browser – no additional software.
  • Minimal size.
  • Low cost.

Immediate warning of hazardous substances

The handheld ChemProX warns of gases that have harmful effects even at low concentrations. This includes chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs). The alarm is already triggered when substance concentrations are in the ppm range. This means that the emergency response team is always on the safe side.

Easy monitoring of trends and developments

The ChemProX not only alerts, it also indicates whether the concentration of the hazardous substance is low, medium or high. In addition, the trend can be followed. The user can see directly on the device whether the concentration is increasing or decreasing. This gives him the possibility to find the source of the hazardous substance as well as to get to safety by continuously increasing the distance to the hazardous substance.

Connecting devices increases safety

ChemProX devices can be connected to each other via W-LAN or radio. In this way, the status of the connected devices is also visible on the user's own display. The user can see whether his colleague is in danger and can decide to help or to call for help. The incident commander also follows the status of the devices and is always up to date on the current situation. Devices can communicate with each other over several kilometers, as each device itself also acts as a "repeater".

Extremely low false alarm rate

The ChemProX uses a special form of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). Its outstanding performance is based on the unique open-loop technology and the manufacturer's 30 years of experience in hazardous substance detection. With additional sensors supporting detection by IMS, the results are highly reliable and selective. This increases the safety of the emergency services and the acceptance of the device.

Integrated training mode

Regular training is important for authorities and organizations with security tasks. In order to carry out trainings quickly and easily, the ChemProX has a special training mode: First, the incident commander marks a training area on the laptop or PC. Then he accesses the networked devices via W-LAN and triggers alarms in sub-areas in different concentrations and also for different substances (e.g. for nerve gas or TIC) . As soon as the emergency worker enters the marked area, the device alerts. The incident commander checks whether the colleagues react correctly according to the respective situation and implement the prescribed concepts correctly.

Operational areas

  • Emergency response
  • CBRN operations
  • Self-protection of emergency forces
  • Recognition of the danger area
  • Operation location detection and monitoring
  • Monitoring of mass and VIP events
Technical details
Measuring principle  Orthogonal recognition with open-loop (aspirated) IMS cell and several semiconductor sensors using either a Ni-63 or Am-241 source
Weight 770 g (with battery)
Size 298 mm x 216 mm x 122 mm
Detection modes CWAs and TICs (additional modes available) plus integrated training mode
Connectivity WLAN, wireless data, Bluetooth, USB memory stick, Ethernet (optional accessory), up to 10 devices per group
Power supply Power supply 110 – 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, Li-Ion battery, rechargeable batteries (3x AA), Alkaline packs (3x AA)
User interface 3.5" full color LCD display, 3 control buttons
Operating time battery charging time < 8 hours, < 5 hours
Alarms Acoustic and visual alarms (display / LED)
Sampling Internal pump, continuous air flow
Calibration / Maintenance No calibration required
Temperature -32 °C till +55 °C
Robustness MIL-STD-810G, humidity 0 - 95 % non-condensing

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